Become a weed farmer, you move to a stoner city, buy or rent some land for growing some cannabis. It might look like much but only your imagination is the limit. Build your own farm, plant your own special weed strain seeds and sell your product world wide. as time goes on and you make enough money.

Welcome to stoner city


Gamers will be able to buy or rent land with tokens, As farmers cater there land to earn more strains daily.
The farmer can buy or rent land starting $5,000 WIID and recieve the weed strain seeds. There variants of seeds that produce good yields depending on the fertility of land.


To play the game, you become the character (Farmer), so grab a hat and race down the field, and farm to mint some Weedverse NFTs. You can mint your own stoners apes NFTs and farm to produce more and more strains


In a river of crocs always expect to find a lizard that does not belong, Them thiffs are your main problem!! they steal and take advantege of the farmers yields. Thiffs are also homeless citizens in your local area that take advantege of your land!! So what do you do? Fight to defend your land if you want to survive!